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Embracing Your Inner Goddess & Divine Vibes

Let's talk about the "goddess" thing. It's not just a label; it's a symbol of pure empowerment, a nod to the incredible feminine force that lives within us.

Calling ourselves goddesses isn't about claiming to rule the world (although we could totally do that!). It's about recognizing our worth, strength, and connection to that powerful, mystical energy that's part of everything and can even create life on earth.

It's about reclaiming our sexual energy and harnessing that power!

The idea of goddesses isn't new. We're talking ancient stuff—like Gaia from Greek mythology or Durga in Hinduism—representing everything from nurturing vibes to fierce warrior spirits. It's this mix of qualities—creativity, wisdom, power—that's woven into our DNA. Women have always held power.

When women come together, magic happens.

The power of unity, collaboration, and support among women creates an unstoppable force for positive change in the world. It's in these connections that friendships flourish, dreams are realized, and barriers are broken.

We are always so worried about our bodies. We fear being seen. But that's why I love these group boudoir shoots. Being in a room full of women half naked allows you to see all bodies, all shapes, all colors, and just exist in happiness. We make friends in our most vulnerable state and accept each other.

My favorite part of this day was the contagious laughter, the comforting embrace, and the words of encouragement that these strangers gave to one another! They all had this ability to light up the room with their presence and when we got together we GLOWED.

Cheers to the goddess within us—may she always sparkle and light up the world around her and if we haven't found her yet, or her light is dim.... may she be found and shine brighter than EVER before in 2024 ✨

Goddess Shoot hosted at Hannah & Co. Boudoir Studio in Litchfield Connecticut.

Second shooters Heather Rebekah & Tori @eonbyvictoria_

Wardrobe and styling by Hannah & Heather

Jewelry by @TaylorSoulDesigns

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