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You've never had a boudoir shoot.. What should you expect?


Hannah & Co. has perfected the ultimate boudoir experience for you.

First off, we know you're going to be nervous. 

But we promise you're in great hands.

We will always welcome you with smiles, fun music, soothing candle scents, and sassy wardrobe options! Our sessions typically start at noon so you have time to sleep in, have a nice breakfast and drive to the studio.

We love to sit down and let you relax for a second while we get to know you. We want to know why you're doing a session and what you want to focus on for the day. This part is so important to us because we want to know if you're celebrating your body, learning to love your body, or if you're giving this boudoir as a gift to someone. 

Once we have settled our nerves, released what we need to let go of, and gotten any tears out that we were holding back.... we move into hair and makeup! During makeup you'll have the option for some water or light refreshments while you get pampered.

After hair and makeup is compete and you have fallen in love with your glam, we start to pick out lingerie, try on new wardrobe options from the client closet, and style our photoshoot with your favorites.

Now that we have our favorite lingerie and we are feeling sexy we start photographing! 

We like to prep our clients with some stretches and talk them through some poses so that you can get comfortable before the camera even comes out! We make sure you're comfortable the whole time and practice consent before adjusting to new poses. YOU are in control the entire photoshoot, WE just perfect the poses and guide you. Between outfit changes we offer more water and a chance to breathe before moving onto the next set.

Every session is different depending on packages and some packages offer one outfit, while others offer up to 3 looks! No matter what, we aim to make the experience amazing.

The boudoir shoot is over and now it's time for our lunch break!

at Hannah & Co. boudoir studio we do same day reveals. This means we do our photoshoot and view the photos THE SAME DAY! After an hour long lunch break we begin our reveal.

This is perfect for clients traveling into Connecticut for a boudoir or clients who don't want to wait to see their photos.

We offer extra support for those who are learning to love their body and hype up those who need a new body positive bestie!

Viewing the photos with your photographer allows us to design your albums and other luxury products so you can see exactly how your heirlooms will look. It's powerful to see yourself as art!


After the reveal is done, it's time for you to go home and relax!

All your hard work is done.

We go home to do any final retouching and order your collection so it can be delivered to your doorstep. 

We welcome you into our private Facebook community of empowered women where you can share your photo's and introduce yourself to find new friends...

all while starting a new and powerful journey of self love ;)

We can't wait to capture your beauty and hand you back your power.

with love from Hannah & Co.

 -Hannah , Heather & Allyssa <3

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