How to Prep for your Boudoir Session.

Hannah Rachael Boudoir Portraits

You just signed up for your first boudoir session so, now what?

This may be completely out of your comfort zone and something you never thought you'd do.

Don't worry - boudoirs are a beautiful and super empowering!

The best things to do about a week or two before a shoot it to drink a lot of water, stretch daily, and of course, shop!

Water and stretching are very important! Many of the poses use muscles you would not normally use so, you want to make sure you are flexible and not sore for the day after your shoot!

       Now, the hard part - Shopping! 

You are most likely going to be wearing clothing that could feel slightly uncomfortable so choose your outfits wisely.

I also offer a client closet with different body suits, lace features, and other accessories!! PLEASE bring a seamless skin colored thong if you wish to wear anything from my closet! Everything is washed before every shoot and sanitized and your thong is just extra protection!

I typically suggest bringing three outfits and we work together to narrow them down to the best.  

 1. An outfit you know you are comfortable in; this could be your significant others over sized shirt or simply your favorite soft sweater with thigh high fuzzy socks. The best thing about boudoir photography, is that you can make it your own!

2.  Something on the sexier side to reach your inner diva - I personally LOVE bodysuits! This is a great way to be covered up but also super figure flattering and sexy!! It works great in most poses because it's form fitted to your back, bust, and tush!

3. Think out of the box. Strive for your inner goddess and embrace your body. (braless in a crop top with fishnets, or this could even be your birthday suit!)

                                                   Most importantly, be yourself.

    Oh my goodness! The shoot is almost here!

Pamper yourself!

 1) Get your nails done! Though it may seem silly, chipped nails or bright colors might be distracting in a photo.  Clean those babies up and keep it neutral. Stay away from yellow/green nail polishes. These can photograph "dirty" or distracting.

2) At least two days before, wax whatever you need to. Whether it be your eyesbrows or down below. Keep it clean and give it a day to settle.

3) Moisturize! Lotion gives your skin a simple glow and keeps it looking young and fresh. Coconut oil is also a great alternative. This helps        with acne, dry skin and will clear up any blemishes.

4) Lastly, do NOT spray tan or use tanning lotions of any kind before your session!! I can not stress this enough! These can create orange stripes or discoloration to your hands and feet. It is not pretty! Keep it natural, ladies! Its okay to have soft porcelain skin, and with the moody lighting my studio offers, sometimes it actually gives you a warm glow!

*If photoshop is needed to remove spray tans, tan lines, or skin burns, it may result in an additional editing fee*

 OMG! It's the day of the shoot!

Hair and makeup is a must! I Include hair & makeup in all of my packages and ask you show up with lose fitting clothes to ensure your have no funny red lines on your skin. I want my clients to feel fully pampered once they enter my studio! 

I don’t expect you to know what you are doing, so leave that up to me! 

I will pose, guide, and direct you constantly, making sure that you look absolutely amazing. I may even roll around on the floor and show poses to you, so you know exactly how to do it! In order to stay looking beautiful remember just stay relaxed. I love to capture genuine laughs and catch your natural beauty. I always have music playing while I photograph. Get ready to share some laughs while I dance behind my camera and capture your genuine smile.  Sometimes the sexiest part of us is our smile, so do NOT be afraid to giggle and have fun! 

I want you to be yourself.  I want to show you how I view you. I want to make you realize how worthy you are and help you love yourself without apology. 

 "That was so fun! I don't ever want to leave!"

We are done! The shoot was amazing, we are leaving full glam and gorgeous and now its time to sit back and relax! All the hard work is done!

Lastly, We will set our reveal date!

About 3 to 5 days after your session we'll get together for the reveal and custom design consultation!  

This is when we will pick out your favorite images and build your album and other products! We will relax in the studio with calmer music, coffee or champagne toasts and enjoy the gorgeous images you created.

This will be the last time to view all the images so make sure you're vocal about everything you want! 

Now you get to go home, have a glass of wine and just love yourself. I'll make any extra adjustments to the products/photo's and order!

I ship all my products to you after they've been fully inspected. This process takes anywhere from 15-20 days. If you're in a rush or have a specific date you need your gifts by, just let me know! Rushes are available on most products!

Still have questions? Don't be afraid to message me! I'm here for whatever you need!

I can't wait to see you!

Stay Beautiful!

- xo Hannah

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