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How to Prep for your Boudoir Session!

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Hannah Rachael Boudoir Portraits

You just signed up for your first boudoir session so, now what?

This may be completely out of your comfort zone and something you never thought you'd do. But don't worry - boudoirs are a beautiful, super empowering, and a little addicting!

The best things to do about a week or two before a shoot is to remove alcoholic drinks, replace with a lot of water, stretch daily, and of course, shop!

Water and stretching are very important! Many of my poses use muscles you would not normally use, so you want to make sure you are flexible and ready to pose!! You may be sore the day after the shoot and this is totally normal, just keep drinking water and you'll feel so much better.

       First up, outfit ideas!! 

I offer a client closet filled with over 300 beautiful items. I have body suits, lace featured sets, body chains, leather items and so many other accessories!! PLEASE bring a seamless skin colored thong if you wish to wear anything from my closet! Everything is washed before every shoot and sanitized and your thong is just extra protection!

I typically suggest bringing an outfit or two incase you don't want to wear something from my studio closet and we work together to narrow them down to the best options. You are most likely going to be wearing clothing that could feel slightly uncomfortable if you're not used to lingerie, so choose your outfits wisely.


 1. An outfit you know you are comfortable in; this could be your significant others over sized shirt. a soft silk dress, or simply your favorite sweater with thigh high fuzzy socks. The best thing about boudoir photography, is that you can make it your own!</