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Lingerie 101

1. First, the different types of lingerie...

Teddy's, corsets, and garters. OH MY!  

We all know the famous two-piece matching bra and pantie set. It's the iconic Victoria's Secret's look but what other inspirations are out there? 

The Teddy, similar a bodysuit. EEK! One of my favorites!!  This is perfect for most poses in boudoir because it helps hold everything in and curve to your natural shape. Typically they're a little more see-through, thinner lace, and finished with delicate materials.

The Sexy Cupless Shelf...This is a show stopper! Perfect for all boobies!! Lift's separate's, and supports... but the best part is, you're basically topless so it is super sexy! Pair it with matching panties and a garter set to completely wow your partner! Can you say #freethenipple?

Bralettes and Sets. They started out so innocent... but now we have sheer bralettes, bondage bralettes, and so much more!  I swear these are the most popular in my closet because they fit under everything and they're so comfortable!

Corsets & Bustiers.  This is a popular look simply because it helps shape your torso into a tiny waist. Its heavy boning creates an hourglass shape. Not the most comfortable, but it does emphasize the curves like KA-BAM!

Baby Doll. Basically the cute little flared nightgown you begged your mom for freshman year in high school! You swore it was the best thing ever because it made you feel like a woman. Not the most ideal for boudoirs because they tend to be too flowy, but still cute.

2. Lingerie for your body type.

Let's face it. We are all different. AND FIERCE AF!! 

Our curves have different needs and we all have our favorite body parts. So what's best for you! Don't worry, I'm not going to start calling your body a triangle or square. We are more than that. 

Slim & Lovely: Keep it simple! Don't go for forced underwire bras and lots of padding. Be true to you. High neckline bodysuits, bondage bralettes, and matching sets will be your best friend! Want to show off your waist and create a little drama? Grab a waist cincher and match it up to your top!! This will grab attention. 

Athletic Hunnies: Grab that iconic Calvin Klein sports bra and rock the booty shorts!  Racerbacks and fancy backs will show off all your hard work.

Busty Babes: Find that underwire girl!! You'll love the lift and support of a bustier or cupless shelf! Bra's with shoulder coverage or pretty straps will help give support and draw the attention up to your face. It's almost like you're framing your face with your neckline.  

Thick thighs save Lives: High leg underwear! I'm just gonna say it again! HIGH LEG EVERYTHING! You don't want to mess with boyshorts, that straight line across the tush will not be your friend.  Stick to the high waisted trend and high leg arches. Wearing your undies high on your hips will make your legs appear longer.  Don't be afraid of thongs either. Show it off if you got it!

Sweet as an Apple: Teddy's and form fitted lingerie. You can rock the body stockings for full coverage, but why hide! You tend to go for the baby doll style to hide but you are beautiful! Show off everything! Wear that corset and those high waisted panties. Love yourself!

3. Baby got back!

No matter what you find, always looks at the details. Boudoir photography focuses on the details of your body. Your shoulders, lower back, butt, and of course legs. Don't buy something with a boring back! Fancy underwear with a caged back or lace peekaboos... Either way, have a little fun with it. 

4. Color, Color, Color!

OMG! GIRLS! Black is not the only color!!!! Even though it's like the only thing in my closet. You shouldn't be bringing 5 black lingeries pieces to your session. Color can make a huge impact in photography, so have a little fun! You want that contrast against your skin! 

Fair Skin: Emeralds & sapphire blues tend to remove the fleshy pink tones from the skin. They make us pop and bring out the warmth hiding underneath.

Medium Skin: Mustards, olives, and purples compliment the warm tones. We typically neglect these colors in modern clothing because we don't want to be too flashy. But girl, its time to rock it!

Dark Skin: Golds, reds, and ivory! The contrast against your rich skin helps define your body shape and show off your curves. 

I'm never mad seeing the classic black lingerie girls, but don't forget the gorgeous jewel tones ;)

5. Sizing!

Never Buy anything too tight! You're better off going up one size and letting it breathe. You want it to be comfortable and flexible. When things are too tight they tend to hug and squeeze... and no one wants that, especially not in photos! You want there to be enough slack where you can pull and play with it. Straps can come down easy, bottoms can roll and pull up. You want to make sure its easy to pose and move in.

6. Comfort is everything!

So this is a different kind of comfort... This is the comfort you want in your own skin. Don't try to be something you're not. This is the most important!! If you go out and shop for crazy sexy lingerie but, when you put it on you don't feel like yourself... PUT IT DOWN AND WALK AWAY!

Just let it go. You don't want to lose yourself in your clothing, in fact, you want to embrace yourself! Show off those ass-sets... see what I did there... ASS-sets ;). Find something that compliments you.

7. Maybe its not even lingerie you need...

Let's face it. Lingerie may be too much for you. Maybe, you're more of a floppy oversized sweater kind of girl. Rocking some knee-high socks and sipping on some tea. You can lift it up, give a little tease and play with it as you like. 


Maybe you think lingerie is played out. And you're looking for something a little different! Grab those fishnet tights, a crop top, and let's play! 

Rolling around in the buff or show nothing while baring it all.  Suggested nudes are the most popular in boudoir world. You look naked, but no one can see anything! Just the thought of what you're hiding is what makes it sexy. 

8. Accessorize!

We can keep this one simple. After all... we don't just wake up dripping in diamonds. 

I love body chains and bondage. These are great to wear alone or on top of your favorite outfit. 

Heels, garters, and jewelry are the most popular... but don't be afraid to bring the unusual. 

I've pretty much seen it all. So if you like whips and rope. Just bring them. We can decide what to use once you're at the studio and comfortable.

9. My personal favorite places to shop.

Always check your local lingerie shops. I'm talking about those little hidden gems.

There's a place local to me called Princess Corset Shop in Middlebury, CT and I've had many girls who hate shopping online, that find things there that they love! Of course, you have VIP  and Victorias Secret where you can find sexy and classic lingerie to try on.

For those online shoppers, I LOVE FashionNova, SavageFenty, Torrid, ASOS, and Ashley Stewart Lingerie!

10. Stay true to YOU!

This one is pretty easy...

First things first, don't try to be something you're not. Be You! Be fabulous!  BE BEAUTIFUL and have fun! 

Examples from Victorias Secret, FashionNova, Hips&Curves, Savage Fenty by Rihanna.

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