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Just a memory...

Let me paint a future memory for you in your mind…


Back in the day, you had a boudoir photoshoot that changed your life. For the first time you felt powerful, confident, sexy, and unashamed.

Your whole life changed after that session because you no longer questioned your worth and you demanded everything you deserved. You had finally fallen in love with yourself again.

Fast forward to 20-30- maybe 60 years later, you’re cleaning your things because you know you don’t have much time left. You find old photo albums of you life and sit down to rest and enjoy the memories with the dust floating in the sun beams around you.

You find THE PHOTOS and your heart stops. The photos you tucked away from grand babies and children. The photos you grabbed on bad days to cheer you up… the photos you grabbed on happy days to spice things up.

As you open the album your smile grows and memories flood your brain. You remember laughing, flirting, and doing wild things.

You see that part of your body… the one you’ve always hated, that part of your body that you would hide away and there it is… THAT photo showing it off (that you were so scared to take). You smile because it’s so beautiful to see your youthful strong body. You see so much beauty in the body you once hated and you cry happy tears.

As your wrinkled velvet hand turns the final page, you realize, nothing that used to matter, matters anymore. You’ve lived a full life. You’re not ashamed of your body or your sensuality and you leave it for your daughter to find with a note that says “love yourself today and every day after”

This is why I truly believe this is my life’s mission to capture you as art. To give you permission to 100% be your most authentic self in life and love yourself beyond your wildest dreams. You are a work of art.

If you're ready to book this experience and invest in yourself, hit the link above or keep following my art and selfie the days away till you can get in my studio <3

Photos by Makeup by @flawlyssartistry

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