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Spooky Workshop!

Oh. My.

The Workshop was Epic.

I literally got to spend the entire day with amazing creatives and oh my goodness, my soul is rejuvenate!!! I can not express how important education, styled shoots, and workshops are!!

We work a very odd job. Most of our days are spent alone in front of a computer, short interactions with clients, and then back home to edit... alone. But being able to meet and work with other creatives helps tremendously!

I spent the last year solely focusing on educating myself. Researching every single aspect of the boudoir world. I traveled all over to learn from the best of the best. While in NYC, I was asked numerous times, when are you going to start teaching... I laughed, then realized... wait, why the hell not? Im 10 years deep into photography and have been working like crazy for 4 years on my own. So, here we are now!