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Spooky Workshop!

Oh. My.

The Workshop was Epic.

I literally got to spend the entire day with amazing creatives and oh my goodness, my soul is rejuvenate!!! I can not express how important education, styled shoots, and workshops are!!

We work a very odd job. Most of our days are spent alone in front of a computer, short interactions with clients, and then back home to edit... alone. But being able to meet and work with other creatives helps tremendously!

I spent the last year solely focusing on educating myself. Researching every single aspect of the boudoir world. I traveled all over to learn from the best of the best. While in NYC, I was asked numerous times, when are you going to start teaching... I laughed, then realized... wait, why the hell not? Im 10 years deep into photography and have been working like crazy for 4 years on my own. So, here we are now!

First up, my amazing team.

Katie did the insane hand skull (@GlambossMakeup) and Alex (@alexofelegantevents) created incredible vampy makeup looks while Ashley (@ashleyofelegantevents) rocked the hair. The looks they created were insane!I mean, you'll see the photos but I can't even express how awesome they made the models look!

Next up, the hot babes that modeled for the day. These girls were champions. Modeling for hours, completely unfazed by the posing, and laughing the whole time! They were cheering each other on, supporting one another, and constantly helping each other. I just stood there like a proud mama. There is nothing I love more than women supporting women!

Hannah Rachael Photography

Finally, all the creatives that joined us! We had 10 photographers come for the day to learn all about boudoir and shooting dark and moody. We used my current studio upstairs with the full bedroom set, the cozy bathroom set, a super creepy elevator, and the incredibly dusty stairs in the creepy basement. It was all perfect though!

It's so powerful watching a community grow.

Hannah Rachael Photography

Let's just say this is the start of something amazing! I can not wait to continue this journey of teaching and bringing a community together in Connecticut for Boudoir Photographers. I am expanding my studio to a space double the size downstairs from my current studio so I can continue to grow and invite more amazing photographers in.

If you're interested in seeing the other photographers work from the day head over to instagram and check out the hashtag #BoudieWorkshopCT. You won't be disappointed!

check out more images below from me.

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