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Late night thoughts on perfection...

I struggle quite often with the idea of perfection.

Some nights I lay in bed wide awake thinking of all the ways I can improve on my art, my business, and myself.

I think of ways I can help people, how I can change someone’s view of themselves. I even replay conversations to see if there were other ways I could have said something... maybe been more uplifting or more understanding.

Tonight’s one of those nights.

It’s 4am and I’m tossing and turning thinking up a storm and as this storm brews inside me, I can’t help but feel overwhelmed. I know I can’t be alone and that is why I write.

Artists naturally struggle. We stare at our own work for so long that it makes us sick sometimes. We fear never being good enough, or never be as good as others. I try to push this doubt away. I try to steer to a path of growth and not self destruction. I over analyze myself to sleep and when I wake, some days I don’t feel any clarity.

I do know one thing. I have learned to steer my “over analyzed perfection” to my business and away from my body. I taught myself to care more about how I can change my life and goals, instead of my weight and looks. I have stared in the mirror hating the person I saw (some days it still happens) but I know now, that does no one any good.

We should never compare our looks to others. Our work to others. We can still compliment others while continuing to love ourselves. We do not need to belittle ourselves in order to raise others. We can all stand tall together.

I love being able to see inner beauty, including in myself.

That a smile can change a persons whole day and possibly life.

That respect is more important than money and the world can revolve around love and not power.

I’ve chosen to change my perspective on life and self love. The Virgo in me always wants perfection, the artist in me wants to see the beauty, and the fighter in me wont stop chasing this crazy life as an entrepreneur.

Boudoir Photography has changed my life. And I’m honored to have changed the lives of so many other women through this process.

Your friendly neighborhood boudoir photographer,

Hannah Rachael

(Enjoy some of my favorite boudoir photos I've 'modeled' for during my travels)

Im not model, my body is not perfect, but seeing myself as who I am helps me love myself more... flaws and all <3

Photos above by Alex Charilaou, Jasmine Jade, Julianne Markow, James Bitz, Terri Hoffard.


Hannah Rachael Photography - Connecticuts leading Luxury Boudoir Studio

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