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Updated: Sep 1, 2021

To my beautiful girl gang.


Well, 2020 sureeeee had other plans for us!

I feel like this year started on a high. I was so excited for this new studio, my amazing girlgang, and all the amazing clients I had the honor of booking for their very own boudoirs!

I started so small and this year was supposed to be the start of a new journey with retreats, mentoring photographers, and traveling..... then covid hit... no one saw it coming.

I stopped everything. Everything was canceled. Every plan was ruined. 50 sessions all went up into the air and reschedules began over and over again. Dates kept getting pushed back and eventually I told some, we will chat again when we knew what the world was going to be like in a few months.

Movements happened like Black Lives Matter. I saw more hate in the world than ever before, but I also started to see more hope, love, and fighting for what is right. Some days I curled up in a ball and just gave up, other days I tried to do whatever I could to help.

As I started to climb out of my shell, I started to focus more on the beauty around me. The amazing women who were there STILL supporting me even when I felt like the world was ending. THESE WOMEN were still fighting with me, supporting the same causes, still fighting for self love and this beautiful little community that WE built and it pulled me out of the worst funk I had ever been in in my life.

This blog post is very long over due... but thank you.

Thank you to all the amazing people who have supported my business. To all the people who would just follow up and make sure I was okay during all this craziness of 2020 when I should have been the least of their concerns. To the powerful and amazing women who are apart of my little Boudie Love community who post so much love on the daily.

The studio was shut down shortly after I returned from Vegas in February. We had an amazing group session with just some of my lovely ladies before the world flipped upside down and here they are.

I can not thank you all enough. For buying t-shirts during the lockdown, supporting my little business, and now those who are booking their sessions and dealing with the craziness of reschedules ( because lets face it, we ALL need a day full of pamper and self love after this year!).

I can't wait to see what 2021 has in store, hopefully its all good stuff! *Fingers crossed*

I can't wait to announce the new amazing all female retreat coming in APRIL 2021, you need to get readyyyy. This is going to be a life changing experience!!!! Details dropping soon.

And I just wanted to say I love you all, Thank you.

Your friendly neighborhood boudoir photographer,

Hannah Rachael

Yes, we are eating pizza ;)


Blog by Hannah Rachael Photography - Connecticuts Leading Luxury Boudoir Studio

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